Early history

We founded GrappleHook Games in 2014, but we have been working on games together since 2012. We started working together in a Game Design Algorithms class at Northeastern University. The game produced in that course became SquadHero, a bullet hell game played with the guitar controller. SquadHero played very well to a crowd, and seemed to be the popular kid at all of the showcases.

And then...

We developed the name GrappleHook Games in 2013 so we would have a brand to put on the games we make. We enjoyed working together, so we continued working on other projects and eventually decided to make it official: we formed a company. After bolstering our team with some incredibly talented individuals, we set out to release our first title, Buzz Breakers Crater Kings Skorecery.

Student Prototypes

  • SquadHero: Revolver - A guitar-controller-powered arcade sh'mup.
  • Rune Daddies - An alternative 2D fighter.
  • Cupid Kerfuffle - A JackBox-inspired match-making cupid simulator.
  • Buzz Breakers - A minimalist sports-like that would later become Crater Kings and then Skorecery.

Official Projects

  • Skorecery - A mystical multiplayer sports-like.


Skorecery TrailerYouTube

Skorecery Beta Demo OverviewYouTube

Crater Kings Quick LookYouTube

SquadHero BFIG GameplayYouTube

SquadHero Teaser TrailerYouTube


Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner of the Shield Student Achievement Award" Boston Festival of Indie Games, 14 September, 2013
  • "Recipient of Best Overall Game" Northeastern University Game Demo Day, 23 April, 2015
  • "Nomination for Multiplayer and Connected Gameplay." Boston Festival of Indie Games, 10 September, 2016
SquadHero BFIG Innovation Aware
Northeastern University celebrating our victory