Change the lanes, break your brains.
SquadHero: Revolver


Pupil Perfection (Shield Student Achievement Award) - Boston Festival of Indie Games 2013

Best Overall Game - Northeastern University Game Demo Day 2013

Most Innovative Game - Northeastern University Game Demo Day 2013


Have a machine that runs Microsoft Windows?

Use your Xbox360 Guitar Controller and PC adapter (or just the keyboard) to play SquadHero.

You can read how to play, (and the keyboard controls) in the download's README.


SquadHero: Revolver was awarded the "Pupil Perfection: Shield Student Achievement Award" (sponsored by Darren Shield, Esq.) at the 2013 Boston Festival of Indie Games.
Thanks to all who attended and checked out our game!

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SquadHero goes for the Gold...and the Red, and the Blue, and the Green....

Key Features

  • Challenging Gameplay
  • Innovative use of the guitar controller
  • Addictive powerups based on player streaks
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SquadHero: Revolver

When was the last time you used your guitar controller? Have you ever used it for a game that wasn’t built around rhythm or music? Guitar Hero is an incredibly popular franchise that ensured that almost every gaming household has (at least) one of the infamous Guitar Hero controllers. But how often do they get used? What if a game were built around the unique guitar controller, without being built around playing music? Well, dust off your guitar controllers and prepare to get hooked on SquadHero: Revolver!