A dirty druid rune fighting game.
Created by Slam Duncans.

About Rune Daddies

Rune Daddies is about the Druids of old doing combat with the aid of the runestones they share a magical connection with. These ancient (and strange) fighters compensate for physical shortcomings with rune enchantments that turns them into deadly adversaries on the field of battle.

Mechanically, what sets Rune Daddies apart from other fighters is the “physical” presence that the statistics (offense, defense, and speed) have on screen in the form of runes. This turns the focus of the game away from combo mastery and to higher level tactical play. The design is to encourage the strategic whittling down of an opponent’s unique strengths as much as it is their health.

  Offense Rune:     Defense Rune:     Speed Rune:  
Deal more damage Take less incoming damage Move faster

Key Features

Runes : A Gateway to Alternative Strategy

Runes in the game act as external modifiers to the fighters that “own” them. This gives opponent’s the unique opportunity to break them down and impair their opponent’s ability to fight before directly attacking their health. Importantly, it not only gives opponent’s an avenue of how to attack Traits, but it gives fighters the ability to defend specific Traits and control which ones they sacrifice. This allows players to cater their fighter to the specific Traits that help them the most and play to their own strengths.

Simplified Combos

Fighting games are notorious for lengthy and terrifying combos. We have simplified combos and a reduced focus on combo mastery in exchange for the tactics of the Rune gameplay. This will help newcomers enjoy the game and get people engaged in the combat quickly.

Tight, Responsive Controls

Because the Rune gameplay (targeting, defending, maneuvering etc) is so critical, it is just as critical that the game focuses on very tight, very responsive controls. If they are too loose or cumbersome, the players cannot be expected to focus on the Runes and our game becomes just another fighting game.

Play Rune Daddies

You can play Rune Daddies for free by downloading a build.

Mac Download

Windows Download

Contact Slam Duncans

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback about the game, give us suggestions, or to just say hello!